Truck & Bus Tyres Markings

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01. Designation of tread pattern

02. Width of tyre (mm)

03. Nominal aspect ratio

04. Nominal rim diameter in inches

05. Radial construction

06. Load index

07. Speed index

08. Production date code in accordance with DOT regulation

09. Sidewalls and tread reinforcement data

10. Highest admissible tyre load and inflation pressure data

11. Homologation mark with the number of approval according to EC 30

12. Noise level certification in line with directive 2001/43/EC

13. Option of additional regrooving

14. Tubeless tyre

15. Mould number

16. Place for internal inventory numbers

17. Tread wear indicator

18. Manufacturer

19. M+S (Mud & Snow Marking)

20. 3 Peak Snowflake Symbol

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