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North Devon Tyres carry one of the largest ranges and stock holding of tyres in the South West.

Tyres on your vehicle are one of its most important components.

At North Devon Tyres our tyre fitting service is designed to provide you with the tyres your car or commercial vehicle needs to perform to its full potential at competitive prices.

With our stock range we will have the right type of tyre both for your vehicle and your pocket. Premium brands are recommended for both their long life and excellent performance. We stock all the leading tyre brands including Continental, Hankook and Michelin.

Across all our locations, North Devon Tyres also stock a complete range of quality mid-range tyres which still carry high levels of tyre performance, but from brands names which are slightly less well known.


We also have economy tyre brands to suit every budget. All fully guaranteed and meeting the very latest standards.



Our specialist tyre fitting services include onsite tyre fitting for both agricultural, industrial and commercial vehicles.

Qualified Tyre Technicians - REACT

Our mobile fitters are trained and licenced by ‘REACT’ which operates as a group within the NTDA (National Tyre Distributors Association). The scheme records and monitors the training of technicians working at the roadside throughout the UK attending truck tyre associated breakdowns on motorways, duel carriage ways and trunk roads.

Our tyre technicians can cater for your every need, offering unrivalled service in our industry.

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